Example Projects

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Fixed Handyman
Fixed Handyman is a set of mobile applications that allow customers to connect with handymen.
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DBC Estimating Application
The DBC estimating application allows for standardized and expedited estimates to be performed for home renovations
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The MIDEO mobile and web applications provide an interface for patients to work with a coordinator to facilitate the refinement and recording of their final directive.
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Bill's Bit Service
Bill's Bit Service is a mobile and web application that helps the owner of the application keep track of their inventory and usage.
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EFCA Communication Application
A communication system that allows teachers to send announcements, communicate with parents, and request permission slips for field trips.
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Rabe Service Sheet Manager
An application that provides a digitized service sheet for technicians to record inspection information.
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ShopHero Dashboard
A web application that facilitates shop performance increases by providing visibility and communication on car work orders.
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Surprizle is a digital gift wrapped in a puzzle. In order to get your gift, you have to solve one or more puzzles that your gift-giver creates for you.


Mobile App Development

Web App Development

Data Visualization

API Development

Data Cleansing & Pipelining


I offer work using languages, frameworks, and cloud providers listed below.


React JS





next js

Next JS

react native

React Native





google cloud platform

Google Cloud





Interested in chatting more? Reach out and let's see how we can work together!

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Chenny. I'm a software developer based in beautiful Erie, PA. I build Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) style mobile and web applications. That means that I can build your application from nothing to production.

Just because I like to focus on MVP applications, it does not mean I can't support and enhance your application in any state it currently is in. I have experience coming into projects anywhere along the lifecycle. I've worked on applications where they are moving from beta to generally available. I've also supported applications that are mature and need new enhancements or bug fixes.

With a unique background in mechanical and electrical engineering, I bring a systems-level thinking to the work I do. That means that I don't solely focus on the now. I ensure that I'm always thinking about the future as I work on your application. It's what I would do on my own application, so why wouldn't I care for your software the same?

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Interested in chatting more? Reach out and let's see how we can work together!